Are you living your Ideal Life?

What is an Ideal Life? Is this something you’ve ever thought about? I mean truly taken the time to sit down and envision what your Ideal Day would look and feel like in your Ideal Life?

The answer from almost everyone: NO.

Not many of us do. We don’t want to think about it because it’s not our current reality. It feels too far away. We don’t want to long for something we feel like we can’t have. We ignore our Soul Nudge because we’re too busy hiding behind careers, families and other commitments to genuinely consider our own happiness and fulfillment. We ignore how we physically feel because we think this is how life is ‘supposed’ to be. Everyone is ‘supposed’ to feel stressed 24/7, exhausted, mentally tapped out and sludgy.

But what would happen if we did pause to consider that all of these elements are not only within our control but can be changed, prioritized and that we can choose to became unapologetic in our pursuit of them?

I’ll give you a hint: Absolutely amazing things!