Do you know what becomes exponentially more difficult as an adult


And I’m not talking about drinking buddies, work colleagues or the people you have to text to see them because they never reach out to you otherwise(bummer city).

I’m talking about the kinds of friendships where you can walk into their home without announcing yourself and you accidentally drink fat when you think it’s apple cider…
Or where you watch your friend sing ‘Smelly Cat’ with a smile plastered on your face out of support...
Or where they don’t know that we know that they know that we know...
And WE WERE ON A BREAK is a staple statement said in defense of a horrible misunderstanding…

If you haven’t caught my references yet, please just stop here and come back another day. 

For realsies, I’m talking about the kind of friendship where they are the first person you want to call when you’ve had a bad day. Or the person you cannot wait to celebrate with because they just told you they received a promotion they worked SO HARD to obtain. The person you can be open and vulnerable because that person is holding a safe space for you to be you - a brilliant masterpiece and work in progress all at the same time. For you to share fears, faults, challenges, ideas, achievements - absolutely anything and everything that happens in life! 

The kind of friends that would stand out in freezing rain and high winds, holding up a sign with enormous letters announcing your business is having a once-in-a-lifetime sale and everyone needs to drop what they’re doing to go buy a brand new sweater by a local designer you just partnered with! Or purse. I’m a purse girl myself... But I mean they would do ANYTHING to support you because they know this business is your dream.

How did we go from being six years old, walking up to the kid on the playground you thought was so cool, asking for their name, if they want to be friends and you become instant besties to a society where we are scared to grab life by the balls and go ask other adults to be friends?! 


We complicate it. A LOT. 

I think the biggest blockers for most people are a few things I mentioned in my previous post - courage, judgement and I’m adding rejection because that is always a kick to the gut. 

So how do we get past these blockers to begin to make genuine connections?!

While I’m no expert, and still a massive work in progress myself, I’ve found that it’s actually fairly simple…

Your vibe attracts your tribe. 

Thank you, and Goodnight!

But seriously, think about it... 

The more authentic you are, the more authentic people you will attract.
The more you release toxic negativity, the more room you have to experience happiness and love.
The more you listen to your heart, the opinions of others cloud your vision less. 
The more you embrace new experiences, the more joyful memories you’re going to make. 
The more you are open to meeting new people and connecting on a genuine level, you will be gifted with incredible relationships to accompany you through life. 

Time to go find our lobsters...